First Baptist Church of Waynesboro


Special Features

The “Educational and Fellowship Building,” a 20,448-square-foot addition to the First Baptist Church of Waynesboro, includes a fellowship hall, kitchen, and several classrooms. The first challenge for
the Nielsen team was to match the brick used to build the church 40 years earlier. Differences in materials and manufacturing techniques, as well as the effects of time and the environment on the original bricks, made it difficult to find a “perfect” match. The Nielsen team built several brick samples until a suitable match was found. Nielsen’s team of brickmasons also recreated the Colonial-style Flemish Bon brickwork used in the original church building. The high water table in the area created another challenge. Crews had to pump water from the site almost continuously during construction. To protect the building’s basement from water in the future, Nielsen used a special water-proofi ng process and installed an extensive under-floor drain system.

The Nielsen Partnership

Nielsen value-engineered the project to keep it within the church’s budget. By making almost imperceptible changes in finishes and using residential-type windows made to the architect’s specifications, the project was completed on time and within budget.