RE Lee Memorial Episcopal Church Elevator Renovations

RE Lee Church

Special Features

Located in the heart of Lexington, VA, the R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church stands. After providing worship services since the mid-nineteenth century, it was time for some much needed improvements to be made.  This project’s primary goal was to install a new, 5 stop, elevator, and remove the existing, non-functional, elevator and its masonry shaft. To make that possible, modifications were needed to the existing structure of the building including a new, masonry elevator shaft.  The renovation took place while maintaining safe access throughout the occupied facility.

In addition to the elevator installation, renovations were completed to the College Room and adjacent entrance hallway, as well as a small classroom on the upper level of the church. The College Room was outfitted with all new finishes and lighting, as well as doubled in size. Just like the College Room, the adjacent entrance hall was also expanded to double its original size to offer a larger gathering space for attendees and furnished with all new finishes, too.

Once the construction and remodeling was coming together, the layout of the Program Director’s Office and Christian Education Storage areas were also revised due to the location of the new elevator shaft. With a simple renovation to the layout of the room, everything came together, and new finishes were added to finish the project.