Hardy County Public Library

Hardy County Library

Special Features

Located just off of North Main Street in Moorefield, West Virginia, the Hardy County Library stands, and has stood, for many years. As a sanctuary for the community to gather and expand their horizons through literature, maintaining the facility has always been important.

In 2017, we began work with the Hardy County Library to expand their current operating space and restore a new look with fresh appeal. In the original facility, we renovated 9,000 square feet of space, as well as built a 1,000 square foot addition. For the exterior of the building, we replaced the original roof with new shingles, enhanced the entrance features, and reworked the front façade. On the interior, we removed everything from carpet and bookshelves to the lighting fixtures and finishes. Upon completing the removal of all interior pieces, we then replaced them with new.

That was not all, though; prior to construction, the Hardy County Library had purchased its neighboring building with the idea of turning it into the much needed, additional operating space. From there, we transformed the former jewelry store in to what is now the archives and office area for the library today.

Initially, the remodeling of what used to be Puffenberger’s Jewelry Store started by gutting it entirely and cutting out doorways to allow passage from one building to the other. Once everything was stripped out of the former jewelry store, we began reconstructing it to mirror the existing library’s design, including the façade. Unified finishes, brand new HVAC, electrical, and plumbing were all installed; the idea was to take this old building and resurrect it in to something vibrant.

All in all, this project was one that essentially turned two buildings into one with an end result of increased square footage. The Hardy County Library can now thrive once again with a new look, updated features, and highly sought space.