JMU Dining Hall Door Package

Gibbons Hall Dining Hall Project Portrait

Special Features

Located in the heart of James Madison University, we completed a project through our partner, Skanska, to supply and install all of the doors, frames, and hardware needed for the modernization of JMU Gibbons Hall. Over the course of four months, starting in November 2017 and finishing in February 2018, this new, 3-story dining hall stands completely revitalized and is complimented by multiple restaurant chains and campus dining facilities.

With an open floor plan for large dining areas, numerous kitchen areas, and even a small office area resting on the third floor, the amount of doors needed to suit this exquisite design numbered higher than 200. Within those 200+ doors, there were many different types depending on the location and application that it was to provide. To install these doors, frames, and necessary hardware packages, we had to work carefully within the already-established framing while achieving perfect alignment. This project, due to the large variety of doors needed throughout the building, required extreme focus and attention. With constant review of the drawings to determine locations and types needed for said locations, this project was one that we were able to complete very efficiently.