John Wayland Elementary School Renovations

John Wayland Elementary

Special Features

In this much-needed renovation project, John Wayland Elementary School underwent a total reconditioning. Upon many years of operation and limited updating to the school, a series of needs became very noticeable. After starting in the spring of 2017 and finishing in the fall of 2018, those needs became nonexistent.

With an HVAC system aging more than fifty years old, and the chiller being fifteen, heating and cooling the school was a choice of one or the other. This exhausted HVAC system was not nearly as effective as it could be, and replacing it with a new, more efficient, system was at the forefront. We completely gutted the retired HVAC system from the school and installed a new, and improved, system that enabled users to partition it on demand; something the old system was not capable of.
With an expected rise in enrollment at the school, more classroom space was needed as well. To satisfy that need, we were able to take various areas within the school and remodel them to create new classrooms; all while maintaining proper space for important other needs such as storage and offices.

All around the facility, we removed and replaced all windows, repainted the internalities, laid new carpet, and installed new ceilings, exterior doors, and lighting. Our work did not stop there, though; we also removed the existing roof and replaced it entirely. Minor repairs were made to some of the existing sidewalks and ramps, but mostly new ones were poured.

A small addition was also in the plans for this school. On the north side of the school, we constructed an expansion to the kitchen that offered more storage space, a nice locker room for the cafeteria employees, and most importantly, created more work room. In the same area, a new loading dock was built, too. For ease of access to incoming shipments, the new loading dock was positioned directly outside the northwest side of the kitchen.