Kendal at Lexington – Phase 3

Kendal at Lexington Phase 3 2018 (3)

Special Features

In total, just over 71,000 square feet worth of additions and renovations were calculated for the main facility, which is comprised of three buildings, the Borden Health Center, Webster Assisted Living Center, and Anderson Center. Additionally to that work, we also constructed 30 new cottages for Independent Living, a maintenance building, and replaced the former entrance to the community with a new one. Needless to say, many enhancements were made over the course of this project. For the Independent Living Cottages, each one varied from one of three different floor plans and ranged from 1,400 to 1,750 square feet. To construct all of these cottages efficiently, it was imperative that each one finish as scheduled. With 30 cottages going up, multiple at the same time, coordination and planning stood crucial.  The Anderson Center, which is ultimately home to the dining services, gained 2,102 square feet of new dining room space as well 5,048 square feet worth of renovations, which included new paint, fixtures, trim, and more.  A fresh look and new layout enhanced the center, and gives residents more room to gather.  For the Webster Assisted Living Center, we constructed a 4,550 square foot addition to establish more rooms. That was not all, though; 15,580 square feet of the existing facility was renovated to update fixtures, paint, trim, just like the Anderson Center. On top of that, a covered walkway was tied in to the structure to protect residents from inclement weather as they travel in and out of the building.  Lastly, at The Borden Health Center, which houses skilled nursing to provide rehabilitative services, the majority of our work to the main facility was performed. With over 30,000 square feet of renovations and multiple additions totaling over 12,000 square feet, The Borden Center acquired an extensive transformation. Aside from all of the structural changes, new electrical, plumbing, mechanical, nurse-call and communication systems and flooring were installed across the campus to the listed facilities. For years to come, the work that has been done will continue to compliment the beautiful community of Kendal at Lexington.