UVA Hopsital-Door Package

UVA Hospital-Doors

Special Features

Nielsen partnered with Skanska to perform all necessary work with doors, frames, and hardware for the 12-story addition to the University Of Virginia Medical Center. With a schedule starting in 2017 and ending in 2020, nearly 1,500 doors and all applicable frames and hardware will be installed.

Unlike a typical door, frame, and hardware installation, this job was a lot more elaborate. Due to the nature of the hospital and all of the requirements they have regarding safety and security, mostly all of the doors required card swipe readers, auto operators, and other advanced means of accessibility. Some frames were even manufactured with lead strips to prevent the radiation emitted within radioactive locations around the hospital from escaping the desired area.

For the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), we worked with a manufacturer to produce a custom door for all of the bathrooms within the department. Each patient room in the ICU has a curved, Acrovyn®, barn door that slides on a track to provide access and privacy to their individual bathrooms. By using Acrovyn® Doors, sustainability is much higher due to the features of the material used; thus, these doors are perfect for the hospital.

Paying close attention to detail was essential for the successful completion of this project. With the large amount of doors that we had to install and strict guidelines on where each door was to be, it was imperative for us to understand the importance of location. As mentioned previously, each door served a specific function, and should that door not be in the correct spot, the functionality of that door would be erroneous. With that being said, we made absolutely sure each piece was properly positioned in its desired location before moving on to the next.