VMI Crozet Hall-Floor Replacement

VMI Crozet Hall

Special Features

Resting right on the edge of Lexington, Virginia, is the Virginia Military Institute, most commonly known as VMI. This state-supported, military college is the oldest in the nation and has the capacity to educate roughly 1,700 students at a time. After being founded in 1839, the needs for renovations, remodeling, and expansion have continually grown important over the years.

Over the course of summer 2017, we performed a renovation project to enhance Crozet Hall, the main Mess Hall on campus. The overall scope of work was to remove the existing 14,000 square feet of quarry tile flooring and thick set material, to then install a new mortar bed with new ceramic tile flooring displaying repeating patterns. On top of that, we were also to perform a small upgrade to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

In order to achieve the end goal, we had multiple tasks to take care of before breaking ground. Prior to initiating construction, we had to move all of the tables and chairs in the Mess Hall to a separate location, remove two storefront vestibules, and take readings of the existing airflow within the facility. With approximately 400 tables and 1,200 chairs that needed to be carefully relocated, we had to find a storage facility that was able to accommodate such a large amount of furniture. Once we found a capable storage facility, a professional moving company came on site to properly transport the furniture there.

The purpose of the initial airflow readings that we took before breaking ground were to create a control for comparison once the new upgrades were made to the HVAC system. Those upgrades to the HVAC system included new floor grilles and registers; so once they were installed, we tested and balanced the new system to mimic the initial readings of airflow. When that proved to be functioning properly, all HVAC work was completed.

While in the crawlspace underneath Crozet Hall, as we hooked up the necessary piping for the new floor drains that we installed at each vestibule, we had a couple additional masonry tasks to take care of. It came to our attention that one brick pier needed to be repaired, as well as multiple concrete beams scattered around six different locations in the crawlspace. Needless to say, the crawlspace became a popular spot for this project once we got down there.

From beginning until end, renovating Crozet Hall at VMI was a very logistical project. Every piece of the schedule was reliant on its counterparts, so making sure everything happened according to plan was critical. Thus, by sticking to the plan, we completed this project in just at two and a half months, which was perfect.