Design Build

One of the most important services that Nielsen provides is Design-Build Construction. Through this exciting, flexible, and client-driven process, Nielsen contracts all of the design and construction services for the project from start to finish. Our clients are the driving force behind this process as they are a vital part of planning, creating, and finalizing the project.

Over the course of the project, we meet with clients and other important representatives multiple times to make sure that progress is always being made. For the owner of the anticipated project, their focus throughout the process is on decision making, while our focus is on coordinating with all parties involved to incorporate those decisions in to the plans.

Benefits of Design-Build Construction include Single Responsibility, Guaranteed Costs, Value-Engineering, Time Efficiency, and High Project Quality.

  • Single Responsibility: By working with a contractor and architect/engineer under one contract, it allows our client to have better control over the entire process. This is also beneficial because it reduces financial risk. With the commitment from a team of contracted entities driven by the success of the project, clients will not have to sign contracts with other individuals who are not bound under the same contract.
  • Guaranteed Costs: As the project progresses and clients participate actively, they are never in the dark about costs. Clients are able to see estimated costs at a very early stage and will understand every factor behind the final, guaranteed, cost. In the client’s interest, this will allow them to acquire proper financing for the project earlier than other methods.
  • Value-Engineering: All involved parties work together as a team to establish and evaluate different methods and materials considered within the project scope. This is where undivided expertise is brought in to help maximize project feasibility.
  • Time Efficiency: This delivery method allows construction and design phases to overlap. Due to the fact that this type of construction method eliminates bidding and redesign periods, construction can begin on certain phases while others are being finalized. Thus meaning, early purchases of required materials that may not be needed right away, will decrease wait time and possible delays later on for other phases.
  • High Project Quality: Since the contractor and architect are working hand in hand, discrepancies are decreased significantly compared to the bid process and pre-drawn plans. This is a benefit that eliminates finger-pointing because everyone works together as a team, and if any issues arise, the team resolves them together. With the reduced conflict that often arises between contractor and architect/engineer, greater focus can be on maximizing time, materials, and productivity each day.

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Thus meaning, purchasing certain materials in the early stages of construction that will, without a doubt, be used over the course of the project, will decrease time needed to complete it.