James Madison University CISAT Academic Building, Phase I


Special Features

The CISAT A-1 building is a modern, state-of-the-art science facility with leading-edge computer reception and lab facilities and wiring for state-of-the-art multimedia. It includes a central corridor or “spine” which runs through the center of the building and connects it to the other CISAT academic buildings.

The building is composed of structural steel framework with an architectural precast concrete and face brick facade. Its foundation required construction of more than 100 caissons averaging 50 feet in depth. In addition to construction of this building, the project required construction of two large sediment detention basins that will capture run-off for the entire 100-acre site.

The Nielsen Partnership

Nielsen worked to understand JMU’s needs from the beginning. Nielsen valueengineered the project to bring it within budget and continued the process throughout construction. A high degree of trust between the members of the project delivery team created a strong team of professionals who were all dedicated to the same goal. According to the architects, HOK, Inc., the brickwork done by Nielsen crews is the “best we have seen in a long time.” Michael Blankenship, JMU’s project engineer for CISAT, added, “I appreciate all of the quality work that has been accomplished and the exceptional effort that has been put forth by [Nielsen’s] outstanding staff.”