James Madison University CISAT Academic Building, Phase II


Special Features

The second academic building, A-2, was designed for the Health and Human Services departments and the Center for Geographic Science, which had joined the CISAT ranks in 1996. Health and human services includes health sciences, dietetics, and nursing. The CISAT A-2 building is a 187,000-square-foot steel building with lightweight concrete slabs. The building contains faculty offices and labs, a small kitchen, a cadaver lab, a clean room, an explosion-proof room, and numerous computer labs, as well as four floors of classrooms. Wing D consists of three large auditoriums with formed concrete steps. The building shell is CMU with face brick and precast, and has terrazo in the spine to match Building A-1.

A-2 is the largest academic building on the campus. Completion of A-2 meant that all seven academic departments in CISAT were together.

The Nielsen Partnership

Nielsen had worked with JMU on all the buildings on the CISAT side of campus, and understood JMU’s culture and background.