University of Virginia Chemistry Exhaust


Special Features

The University of Virginia Chemistry Building Exhaust Upgrade project is the first phase of demolition, renovation and construction of the building exhaust system at the university’s chemistry building. Most of this project’s work takes place on the top of the a penthouse roof where the building’s chemical fume hoods are exhausting.

This project includes a new steel platform that will support four (4) new 40,000 CFM exhaust fans that will connect to sprial duct up to stainless steel sprial duct up to 60″ in diameter. An entire new exhuast system with manifolds, monitors and controls will be installed and in place and then there will be a tie-in to existing exhaust ducts and demolition of the old exhaust fans at the penthouse level will take place.

Additional components of the project include a new metal stairwell that connects the penthouse level to the roof through a new roof hatch. To make this possible, a 20′ x 3′ section of concrete roof plank had to be cut and lifted out and removed from the 5 story building’s roof with a crane. Electrical gear and panel upgrades and a new roof are other highlights of this project.