University of Virginia Foundation Boars Head 7 Renovation


Special Features

This fast track renovation for the UVA Foundation created office space for the Boars Head Resort staff. Work was performed on two (2) floors totaling 4,259 SF.

Demolition consisted primarily of flooring, some existing walls, electrical raceways, wiring and light fixtures. Other demolition work included doors, wood shelving, counter tops, ceiling systems, wall and base cabinets, and plumbing fixtures and supplies.

The electrical upgrades included new circuits, light fixtures and special coordination with UVA’s computer system. Architectural features added to the office space included cabinets, trim, ceiling systems, some new GWB walls, ornamental Tuscan columns in the entrance way. Floor finishes were upgraded with new carpet, sheet linoleum and porcelain tile. New plumbing fixtures and miscellaneous HVAC equipment were also modified to complete the project.