Watson Manor

Watson Manor Watson Manor Watson Manor Watson Manor

Special Features

The mult-million dollar Watson Manor project has created a new home for the Institute for Advancefd Studies in Culture, a University of Virginia interdisciplinary research center that studies, among other cultural dynamics, the “way that public life is understood and organized.” In addition to restoring the original 1883 house, 8,000 square feet of new construction was added on the .55 acre site, as well as 15 below-ground parking spaces, and extensive landscaping. This former boarding house has become a showpiece of excellence in historical restoration.

The Nielsen Partnership

Joe Davis, research associate professor for Advanced Studies in Culture, says, “I have had experience with only one other construction job. It was a real pain. They kept asking for more money. With Nielsen, it was the exact opposite. They had our interest at heart; there was no nitpicking.

Nielsen was very conscientious. The meetings were easy. Nielsen focused on getting the project done. They work to ensure the quality of the project, while keeping the costs down. We actually ended up with a saving of $140,000.”