Dick Myers Chevrolet


Special Features

The new Dick Myers Chevrolet dealership renovations and additions are a true measure of Nielsen’s commitment to “partnering” on a design/build project. Working closely with the owner, Valley Engineering, and Varco-Pruden Building Systems, Nielsen has totally transformed the original Dick Myers Chevrolet into a new, state-of-the-art dealership. The project includes additions to almost every aspect of the original building, while keeping the owner fully operational throughout the project. Virtually every department has been added to, renovated, or changed during the project.

The body shop was increased in size by over 4,200 square feet, adding nine additional body shop service and repair bays. Adding over 6,000 new square feet to the service department provided three new reconditioning bays and seven additional service bays. The shop was also upgraded with new finishes and a new epoxy floor coating. With these space additions, renovations and expansion to the parts department and storage areas were made as well.

The most noticeable change is the expansion of the showroom. Total renovation of the existing showroom, addition of a 4,325 square-foot surrounding canopy, and a new exterior façade completely changed and modernized the look of the entire facility. The new façade provides the perfect location for the bright, blue Dick Myers and Chevrolet logos.