Harrisonburg Rockingham County Social Services District Facility


Special Features

Nielsen will design and build a new facility for the departments of Child Protective Services (CPS) and Foster Care (FC) adjacent to the current Department of Social Services facility. The Social Security building will be renovated including a new addition to accommodate the two departments working together. The overall building layout establishes storage, filing, conference, training and other shared activity spaces on the ground floor. The second floor will be utilized to provide office spaces for both user groups. Access to the second floor will be by two stairways and an elevator. The building will accommodate the current space requirements for the identified user groups. Sizes of individual office spaces conform, when possible, to the Department of General Services, Division of Real Estate Services (DRES) manual. The design offered will further accommodate the projected growth of these two departments for the next five years.

The design utilizes the current structure and architectural appearance on the ground floor. The second floor will include a different architectural exterior finish to define the upper level as a lighter different structure. The second level will also include an abundance of windows which will allow each perimeter office at least one window. The building will have a unique architectural signature that will establish a style that will continue as the services campus is developed. The development of this property can be the starting point of a “Services Campus Master Plan” that will enable the growth and improvement of the DSS well into the future. The selections of interior finishes will establish a balance of quality and durability resulting in a class A office environment.