A.R. Ware Elementary School Addition and Renovations


Special Features

The scope of the project included sitework improvements, construction of a new gymnasium, media center, and classroom additions and renovation of approximately 50,000 square feet of existing space. The renovations also included asbestos abatement, architectural improvements, re-roofing, comprehensive upgrades to mechanical plumbing and electrical systems, addition of air-conditioning, rewiring of entire school, and installation of a new fire protection system and foodservice equipment. Shelves and cubbies for students were added, as well as installation of new energy efficient windows.

The Nielsen Partnership

Former Principal Mike Rowicki was pleased with the project. “Nielsen was great to work with. We didn’t have any problems. David Nobles was the superintendent on the job. If problems came up, we would talk about them and David would resolve them. He even helped us move classroom equipment in when the project was complete. During testing, David made sure that construction activities at that time were more quiet, so the students wouldn’t be disturbed during testing.”