Building Green


A Commitment to Quality of LIfe

For more than 100 years Nielsen Builders has been committed to increasing the quality of life in the communities that we live and serve. We understand the relationship between the life we live on this planet and the impact that we have on climate change, a problem that will have a real impact on future generations. At Nielsen, we are dedicated to the ideals of the Building Green Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Our goal is to utilize sustainable construction techniques not only for LEED projects, but also for all projects that we undertake. We understand the importance of meeting LEED criteria while maintaining a project’s budget and schedule.

The built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity. Buildings use a considerable amount of natural resources and energy, and produce waste and greenhouse gases. Green building design and construction techniques incorporate the guiding principles of sustainable design, while reducing the use of non-renewable resources and minimizing the impact on the environment.

LEED Projects:

UVA Thrust Theater LEED Silver

Warren County Public Safety Building LEED Gold

Brownsville Elementary School 2008 LEED Gold

Fluvanna High School

JMU Port Road Fields

Shenandoah County District Courts LEED Certified

Shenandoah County Human Services LEED Gold