Sunnyside Retirement Community, The Glen


Special Features

The Glen is a community addition of ninety single-family cottages, villas and one-level town homes nestled within the Shenandoah Valley with views of the majestic Blue Ridge and Massanutten Mountains. Surrounded by walking trails and bicycling paths, The Glen has been designed to complement the majestic beauty of its setting, with homes tastefully placed around the periphery of the lavish thirty acres. A sparkling pond and a splendid outdoor pavilion provide the neighborhood with even more beauty for the eye and opportunity for the spirit. As the newest part of Sunnyside, a full service retirement community, The Glen can be the answer to many dreams.

Many of the residents were able to select various upgrades and modifications to their units. Some residents selected a screened in porch or an outdoor patio area while others simply upgrades their appliance. All together, Nielsen’s management team incorporate the changes and completed the project in two phases as originally planned.