Shrine Mont Andrews Cottage


Special Features

This project includes the demolition of the previous St. Andrews Cottage and the construction of a new 3,553 sq. ft. wood framed structure. The three-story structure includes two multi-purpose gathering spaces, five bedrooms, four full and three half bathrooms, a kitchenette and a wraparound covered porch. Both multi-purpose rooms have an open rock fireplace and two sets of double doors to the exterior porch areas. Finish systems on the cottage include hardi-plank siding, asphalt shingles, hardwood floors, and ceramic tile bathrooms.

Along with the wood framing system, a pre-fabricated concrete wall system was used to construct the basement level. This system includes pre-installed insulation and metal framing for the interior drywall. This is a water tight concrete design to accommodate the uncommonly moist conditions associated with the various natural springs in the mountainous area.

The cottage was dsigned and constructed to utilize modern construction techniques yet fit in aestheticaly with the surrounding old fashioned cottages. For example, a durable hardi-plank siding system wraps the exterior, but the system was applied with vertical baton strips to mimic the other wood sided structures.