Harrisonburg City Hall

Working with Nielsen Builders has been terrific experience. Your staff and subcontractors were tremendous.  Problems were anticipated and solutions brought to the table.  Great care and attention were given to providing for the space and employees to continue operations in the two buildings while building the new facility in between the two.

Kurt D Hodgen
Harrisonburg City Manager

Fort Defiance High School

“Nielsen Builders, Inc. is a perfect example of how amazing a finished product can be when a local business and all stakeholders in a project work together.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to have worked with Nielsen Builders, Inc. on the Fort Wigwam Project.”

Larry K Landes                  Amy Pultz
Principal                               Assistant Principal

R. Alan Shull                      Mark Mace
Assistant Principal              Activity Director

James Madison University

“On behalf of the Athletics Department, we deeply appreciate the working relationship shared by JMU and Nielsen that allows construction of first rate facilities to help ensure the success of our programs. I look forward to continuing that relationship as we work together in the future.”

Jeffrey T. Bourne
Athletic Director, James Madison University

Carded Graphics

“There was never a question about Nielsen being able to do the job. Others just couldn’t make it happen. Nielsen’s “make it happen” attitude won the job. Nielsen is good at what it does, and Nielsen has a good relationship with subcontractors.”

Murry Pitts
President/CEO, Carded Graphics, Staunton, Va

Blue Ridge Community College

“At the beginning of the project, the college faced significant budget challenges. Your company helped us identify several cost saving measures that enabled us to commence construction. Throughout the project, your employees kept the building on schedule and within the agreed budget. When issues did arise, Nielsen demonstrated a cooperative spirit and a professional approach to solve the problem.”

James R. Perkins
Former President, Blue Ridge Community College

James Madison University

“Thanks to Nielsen’s attention to details and creative problem-solving, this has been an exciting and enjoyable project that kept up with a demanding schedule. We here at the University have been impressed and wish you well with your other projects on campus.”

Glenn R. Wayland
Capital Outlay Project Manager, James Madison University

Dupont Community Credit Union

“The customer service we received was quite good. We got the sense that Nielsen focused on the owner. The Nielsen employees were responsive to our needs and questions.”

Gerald B. Hershey
President/CEO, Dupont Community Credit Union

Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

“VMRC and Nielsen are a very good match, both care about people. Nielsen has expressed and demonstrated through its design philosophy, corporate values, and construction practices a keen awareness and understanding of how built environments impact aging processes and quality of life, particularly for older adults.”

Ronald E. Yoder
Former President/CEO, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

Bridgewater Retirement Community

“Nielsen has always supported the Bridgewater Retirement Community mission of providing the best homes and facilities for our residents. They have worked with us to develop innovative solutions for the current and future needs of our community.”

Rodney Alderfer
President, Bridgewater Retirement Community

Rockingham County Public Schools

“Nielsen Builders has been a true partner in the continued growth and enhancement of our school system. Their dedication to quality workmanship and reasonable costs has benefited all the schoolchildren in Rockingham County. Nielsen is a part of our community, and it shows in their dedication and support of our school system. I would welcome and look forward to further partnerships with Nielsen Builders.”

Dr. Carol Fenn
Superintendent, Rockingham County Public Schools

Harrisonburg City Schools

“We are fortunate to have in our community a company like Nielsen that views its work with its clients as a true partnership. We are very pleased with the beautiful and very functional new high school facilities, and without reservation I would say that the construction of our new middle and elementary schools has been the smoothest construction project I have ever seen.”

Dr. Donald J. Ford
Former Superintendent, Harrisonburg City Schools

James Madison University

“Nielsen and its leaders have been much more than a contractor for James Madison. They have been strategic partners in creating one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Our relationship has lasted for so many years because of Nielsen’s commitment to quality and its ability to execute its vision.”

Dr. Linwood H. Rose
Former President, James Madison University

Charlottesville Business Owner

“I felt like the Nielsen crew was building the building for themselves. They were building the best building they could, not just coming in and putting in time. I have already recommended Nielsen because I was impressed by the crew. I feel like I got the best you had to offer.”

Kevin Barnard
Charlottesville Business Owner


“cPAD3 is the most attractive tilt-up facility we have constructed to date.”

Devon Anders
Interchange President

City of Charlottesville

“This was one of the best managed projects that I have had the good fortune to work on since I have been with the City. It’s a great looking job too.”

Timothy J. Breitenbach
City of Charlottesville – Facilities Development