InterChange – Nature’s Touch Upfit

Interchange - Front Royal

Special Features

Nature’s Touch Upfit is a renovation of the existing Interchange Warehouse in Front Royal.  The project renovates approx. 20,354 sq ft of the warehouse, which will consist of a large freezer, chilled process room and office space for the Natures’ Rough organization.  The building will be the new home for their current processing plant located in Canada.  The existing building is a tilt-up warehouse with a large freezer space and the floor was prepared with heat for a future freezer expansion.  The perimeter of the freezer floor was removed to allow the freezer panels to sit on a grout slab below the floor and insulation.  IN order to install the subzero refrigeration units, the bar joist were modified to support the added weight of the 6 refrigeration units.  Adjacent to the freezer is a 50×60 chilled process room.  At 45 degrees, the space contains all the equipment needed to sort the foods sold by Nature’s Touch.  To comply with Department of Health regulations the use of stainless steel material helped reduce the potential of bacteria and rusting after washing down equipment with cleaners and water.   Surrounding the freezer and shilled process room are offices, labs and conference rooms for the client will use to conduct daily business. The office construction consists of drywall walls and ACT ceilings with either carpet tile or VCT floors.  The floors finishes vary based on the actual use for the room.  One challenge of this job was cutting a new door in the concrete exterior wall panel without affecting the structural integrity of the concrete panel.  Once the concrete was cut for removal, a structural steel frame was inserted to support the panel above.  Another challenge was installing the 1 hour fire wall surrounding the office space using special 35’0″ studs to the underside of the roof deck.  The need for this wall was due to the classification of the building and the storage of food products.