Premier Flex Condo

Premier Flex Condo Premier Flex Condo Premier Flex Condo

Special Features

Interchange Group had never before worked on a multi-use tenant project before. This building was designed for 4,000- to 5,000-square-foot modules. It was originally designed to be used as condominiums. The challenge was to adopt a large box mentality to make it appealing to a small user.

Some of the architectural features include varying panels and thicknesses, reveals, dimpled finish, multi-colored paint scheme, varied roof lines, and free-standing columns and awnings. Each tenant customized their individual spaces to meet their needs. Flex offers each tenant a front delivery door, as well as a back loading dock. This versatility is appealing to small business owners.

The Flex concept was a new idea in the Shenandoah Valley market. It was designed for flexibility, with the utility infrastructure in place.

The Nielsen Partnership

Interchange President Devon Anders says he chose Nielsen for this project because Nielsen offered a tilt-up system with more architectural features than other tilt-ups in the market with superior structural system design. Mr. Anders believes onSteel’s construction methods are superior in quality.