Rudy’s Rug Cleaning


Special Features

This project consisted of building a new 5,120-square-foot building for Rudy’s Rug Cleaning. The building was constructed using tilt-up construction. It was the first building in the Charlottesville/Albemarle market to use tilt-up construction. Rudy’s features a large, open reception area in front, with a kitchen/break room for employees. The back room is arranged to use all existing space in a very efficient manner. The dirty rugs arrive at one side of the building, then they go through the cleaning process. The clean rugs are then hung in a specially designed drying room to finish the cleaning process.

The Nielsen Partnership

Rudy’s Owner Kevin Barnard says, “I couldn’t have been more delighted with the job. I enjoyed working with Tony at the beginning, then with Kevin and his crew of Tim, Aaron, Lester, and Earl. I felt like they were building the building for themselves. They were building the best building they could, not just coming in and putting in time. I have already recommended Nielsen because I was impressed by the crew. I feel like I got the best you had to offer.”